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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gender predictors and wives tales

So I've been silent on here for a while!! A combination of lack of time, and lack of anything worth sharing really. Not that anyone cares to hear my rants to begin with!

But, I had an idea that I've thought about with all my pregnancies. Collecting a good bit of wives tales on how to predict the gender and then testing them out! With Eden (baby #2) we'd thought a lot about not finding out the gender, but I just couldn't hold out. My idea if we did wait was to have a baby shower that was just a fun time doing all these gender predictor things. Obviously that didn't pan out!

So, I collected my list weeks ago... before my bump was even really showing. Went through them, peed on a few things, collected my results and lost the list! Finally found it a week ago, slid into the small crack under my nightstand drawer and the base of the night stand. My oldest loves to play "mail boxes" and slide papers into small cracks. I'm guessing this is what happened here. I feel slightly bad for blaming my husband who diligently vacuumed the house the day it disappeared. I knew it had fallen on the floor by the bed and figured he tossed it in the process. Sorry love!

Then my baby found it... and tore it up. Along with our dog, who for some reason really likes to eat paper with sticky stuff on it. Usually post it notes and band aid wrappers. When I caught the baby tearing up the list I also caught the dog eating some of it, which was a little weird since she normally doesn't eat just normal paper.

Oh well.... so I've salvaged all I could and it's not in too bad of shape. There is a chunk missing, but it's from the right side, so I remember most of what's missing based on what's still there. :)

We find out the gender tomorrow!! So I figured I better get this going soon! I've decided to try a column format and see how it goes... Sorry, they are random and in no organized order as far as the list goes! The more complicated ones and comments on them are below quick list. I've highlighted my personal results for this pregnancy. Of course, I have comments about most and my results. They will be below.

For those who could care less of the details: my final tally was 11 for girl and 9 for boy of the ones I tried or will announce (there are two I know the answer to, but it's none of your business!)

** THEORY**                        *SIGN FOR GIRL     *SIGN FOR BOY
1. How you carry                        High                               Low
2. Where you carry                  All around/watermelon   Front/basketball
3. Heart rate                             150's & higher                140's & lower
4. Cravings                                  sweet/citrus                     salty/savory
5. Face Breakouts                    A girl steals your beauty    mild to none
6. Hang ring over belly                back and forth                circles
7. Morning sickness                     moderate to severe         mild to none
8. Side you sleep on                     right                               left
9. Hair                                          thin/dull                         thick/full
10. Hands                                     soft                                dry
11. Moody                                    yes                                not so much
12. Size of boobs                          right is bigger                left is bigger
13. Feet                                         normal                          colder
14. Leg/armpit hair                       normal                          grows faster
15. Headaches                              mild/none                     frequent
16. Direction pillow faces             south                            north
17. Color of pee                            dull                               bright/neon
18. Previous child's first word       any but dada                dada
19. Sex during conception            dad aggressive        mom aggressive
20. Dreams of gender (opposite)  dream of boy                dream of girl
21. Hold out hands naturally        palms up                       palms down
22. eat garlic                                 no scent                   comes out pores

(I'll just say now, no one needs to know if one of my boobs is bigger then the other, or who was more aggressive in bed!! I may have a huge lack of filter in almost every area, but I DO have limits! Just saying!)

some that are too long for the column format:
23. Mom's age at conception, with (not adding) the number of month baby was conceived: Both are even or both odd = girl. One even and one odd = boy.

24. Moms age at conception PLUS (add) the month of conception: odd = girl. even = boy.

25. Pee in a cup with baking soda covering the bottom: nothing happens = girl. Fizzes = boy.

26. Boil red cabbage 10 minutes. Combine 1 part cabbage water with one part pee. Purple = girl. pink/red = boy. (For this one I knew the water was so purple the pee wasn't going to change it. And it didn't. So then I diluted the water since I had used a lot of cabbage with just enough water, in a smaller pot. Just in case it would have made a difference if there was more water then cabbage. It didn't make a difference at all in changing the color. Still purple.)

27. Look at the hairline of your last child: if it comes to a point then your next will be opposite gender. Straight and the baby will be the same. My baby barely has any hair, so I'd say it comes to a point, but that's unfair since her hairline isn't really there yet at exactly one year old (on Monday!) But the hairline of my oldest is straight, so it's true that our next child after her was the same gender if that means anything.

28. Pee in 1 tbl. crystal drano - I found two outcomes for this one. If it's green it's a girl and blue it's a boy, but also if it doesn't change it's a girl and becomes dark brown within 10 seconds means boy. I didn't try this one simply because there were lots of suggestions on adding the pee while outside and not in a glass cup. It made me feel cautious enough not to want to try!

29. Yes, the all known Chinese gender prediction chart... well, here's the deal with that. It's calculated on your LUNAR age at conception and the LUNAR month. (Whatever that is!!) Some charts you were to put in your info and it calculated that stuff for you. Other sights didn't. But I used a few different sights and always had mixed results even when they were all calculating it for me. I even did it with info from my other two girls and most of the time it always said my one year old was a girl (correct, and I'll note she was the one that carried just like a girl as well.) And it was mixed on if my oldest was a girl or boy... and she's a girl. So I'm not putting much trust into that one.

#1-2, I carried my first so low and round and only in front, I had people tell me our TWO ultra sounds saying girl were wrong, and we'd better have it checked again or buy a boy outfit just in case. She was so low she wasn't in my ribs/lungs at all, and I thought women were exaggerating about how bad that was. Well, she's definitely all girl at almost 3 months old! Eden is obviously a girl as well, and she carried typical for a girl. Middle/high and put weight on me EVERYWHERE! And yes, I think she was spending most her time using my lungs for boxing bags and playing piano on my ribs! I apologize to any woman I thought exaggerated how uncomfortable a baby in the ribs/lungs can be!!

for #3, the latest heart rate was 130's, but my old midwife said all babies have high heart rates until the 2nd trimester, and by the time you may start seeing a "reliable" pattern after that, it's time for the gender ultra sound anyway. But so far the heart rates have been in the 170's twice and once in the 180's until the last one at 15.5 weeks. 

I did try #6, but to be super fare, I didn't hold the string. I taped it to the table and left if for a long time until it wasn't moving at all. then I laid under it for a few minutes, not touching it or breathing in it's direction. It didn't move at all!! When I held it up myself I got both results multiple times.

As far as #9, my hair is thick to begin with, so I really wasn't sure how to answer. It hasn't changed for any pregnancy other then it stops having those random strands that fall out during the pregnancy until a few months after and then it falls out like crazy. Still doesn't make a difference in how my hair is though. With this pregnancy I still have hair falling out in the shower and in my brush, which is slightly odd from the other pregnancies, but not odd for normal life when not pregnant.

#21. I didn't try because I read it and knew the "answer" so felt it would be unfair.
#22. I love garlic but not heavy at all, and not heavy enough to see if it would come out my pore or not! Based on my normal garlic habits, I couldn't smell it out my pores before, and I still can't now. So if it's suppose to be heightened for a boy, then it's not.

And there you have it... if you've stuck with me this long!


  1. lol.... it's hilarious what happened with the kids and the dog :)

  2. Oooooo so exciting! I am guessing boy...because Aaron needs someone with a Y chromosome!!!!